Respite Care

Caring for a family member at home is an act of deep kindness and devotion. There are times, however, when unforeseen circumstances may arise. Taconic’s Respite Care Program offers a temporary care solution for your loved one while providing you with the freedom and flexibility to travel, tend to family obligations, take care of personal business or recover from illness or surgery.


As our guest, your loved one can look forward to welcoming hospitality, excellent clinical care, superb dining, a full range of modern services and stimulating activities and social programs. Respite care can vary in length – please contact a Taconic facility for specific details.

Support for caregivers

Consumed with their daily duties, home caregivers often unwittingly ignore the adverse health consequences of their commitment. Stress and sleep deprivation can lead to caregiver burnout and cause persistent symptoms of depression, anxiety, irritability or anger. Respite Care at Taconic provides more than a break. Our staff offers comfort and support to caregivers, providing tools and strategies for sustainable wellness during a challenging time.